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Artisan Jewelry from a variety of artists that are currently creating high quality art jewelry in a variety of mediums and forms.  Each of our artists is hand picked for the artistry and quality of their work. 

Each artist has a bio page that will tell you something about them and their work with links to where you can see and purchase their work.

Art Jewelry can take on many forms.  We welcome all forms of artistic expression in the form of jewelry.  Here you can find artists who work in fired clays, both earthen and metal.  Artists that paint their creations with tiny seed beads.  Interesting gemstone pieces, and pieces that contain many of these materials all combined into one dramatic piece.

We encourage you to look at the various artists bio pages by clicking on our artists page or one of the thumbnails above.  We are also building a catalog of tutorials where you can learn a little about how these artists make their jewelry and come to understand the time and talent that is required to achieve these artworks.

Our Featured Artist Is

Marsha Hedrick


Porcelain, wire wrapped, and beaded jewelry

I work primarily in porcelain but also do a bit with stoneware and lately some native clay which I have dug and refined myself.  My work includes many interesting and unique techniques such as slip trailing, piercing, and china painting. 

I really enjoy doing unique one of a kind hand built pieces.  I also cast many pieces from original molds which I make myself.   Beautiful florals, landscapes and animal portraits along with delicate pierced designs and unique hand formed pieces make for varied and interesting choices and keep the work interesting as well.

In addition to beads, pendants, jewelry and the like I also make Native American Pottery and dollhouse miniatures.  I started in porcelain over 25 years ago doing large porcelain dolls.  From that I moved to miniatures which I have been doing for about 23 years now.  Then in 1997 I branched out into porcelain jewelry designs and bead making, looking to enter the Native American market with porcelain jewelry with a Native American theme and feel.  As fate would have it the Native American Community accepts the pottery more readily and I have been making Southeastern Mound builder style pottery and contemporary pottery for the last few years as well as the beads, buttons, jewelry and miniatures. 

I hope you will visit my bead site listed below and if you are interested also check out my Native American Art and my Dollhouse Miniatures as well.

Awards, Recognition, Articles:

Tutorial in Feb/Mar Step by Step Wire, 2nd Place in Jewelry Choctaw Labor Day Festival 2011, Included in Beads 2011,2010,2009,2008

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