Artist Info -- Susan Shatreau-Janisky

Susan Shatreau-Janisky

Metis Beaded Bag

Specialties: Wire Art Jewelry and Native Beadwork/Diverse Cultural Art

Location: Arizona

I am Metis of Algonquin/Mohawk/French Canadian ancestery, a registered member of the Aboriginal Metis Community of Maniwaki, Quebec, Canada. I am honored to guide you through my pages of Speciality Jewelry & Metis Inspired Creations which consist of hand crafted sterling silver and 14k gold fill wire jewelry and custom order creations including beaded bracelets, medallions, belt buckles, medicine bags & other beaded bags. My affiliations are: Director & Officer of the International Wire Jewelry Artists, Sonoran Art League, IACA (Indian Arts and Crafts Association)

Website: Susan Shatreau-Janisky's website

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